Nothing to fear but fear itself ...

... do you want to see my mask?

Jonathan Crane
16 November
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Born and raised in Gotham City, Jonathan Crane's home life was relatively normal and stable. His school life, however, was anything but. In grade school, he was teased being taller and lankier than most of the other boys his age. In middle school, he was subject of bullying due to his predisposition towards reading and learning. In high school, once he had grown into his legs, he was attacked for having an almost effeminate quality to his looks. And while most teenagers would have been terrified of such attacks, Crane was fascinated.

There was so much fear there. So much that could be learned about the human psyche if his teachers and parents were right when they said they only reason they bullied him because they were jealous. No, not jealous. Afraid. With that in mind, Crane spent the last few years of his high school education focusing his free time - both in school and out of it - on the study of psychology and fear.

This fascination carried over to his college education and for the next seven years, Crane studied to become a doctor of Criminal Psychology. His dissertation was written, naturally, on fear - causes, reactions to, etc. - and he graduated with honors from Gotham University. He went on to become first an intern and then a doctor at Arkham Asylum, and it seemed for once life had settled for the good doctor.

But Crane was not content for long.

Fascination having turned to obsession during the course of his studies, Crane decided to further his reasearch. To turn fear into something he could control, to be in control. And so, he started developing his fear gas and testing it on the inmates of Arkham - they were insane already, who would find it suspicious if they suddenly became terrified of everything?

His reasearch, however, hasn't been going as speedily as he'd like it too, and while Arkham provides some funding for the outside interests of its employees it doesn't on the level that Crane needs it. So, as of late, Crane's been trying to find outside funding for his fear experiments, while trying to keep the reason behind his need under wraps.


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